Bojan Angjelkoski

Full Stack Developer BSc in Electrical Eng. & Computer Science

$ Bojan.personal
"Age 25. Belgrade, Serbia"
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$ Bojan.experience
["Full Stack Developer at Nulisec 2y+", "Full Stack Developer at NG Solutions 2y", "Web Developer at Dev&Webdesign 2y"]
"B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - University of Belgrade, Serbia"
$ Bojan.skills
["Software Engineering", "Project Management", "Strong Communications Skills", "Team Player", "Quality Assurance", "Eye for Detail", "Independent and responsible", "Remote work", ... ]
$ Bojan.technologies
["HTML5", "CSS3 (Sass, Frameworks, Responsiveness)", "JavaScript (Node, ES6+, Express, Vue, Nuxt, React, jQuery)", "PHP (Laravel)", "databases (MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB)", "OOP and Design Patterns", "Git" ...]
$ Bojan.interests
["Reading", "Traveling and Exploring", "Learning new technologies", "Preserving the environment and help fight climate change."]
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