Hello, I am Bojan! 👋

Full Stack Developer.

Writing code mostly in Laravel and Vue.js. Learning Node.js.

BSc in Electrical Eng. & Computer Science.

Want to inspire and motivate people to do better.

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Bojan Angjelkoski

Short summary about me


I am from a small and beautiful country named Macedonia. I am devoted to my mission to inspire and motivate people to do better. I am passionate about traveling, new experiences, programming and web development, teaching other people, reading and improving my knowledge. I am surrounded by people that I adore and love. Thanks to them I became the person that I am today.


I have successfully completed my bachelor studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer science on March 2018 at University of Belgrade. Currently, I am studying to get my master's degree in Software Engineering at the same university. Improving my skills is important for me, which is why I always take courses related to the things I want to improve. Mostly about web development.


My main occupation is working as a Full Stack Developer. Mostly, I write code in Laravel and Vue.js. I also love Javascript and I am currently improving my skills in Node.js. At the moment I am part of an amazing team from Czech Republic. We are building this incredible B2B Online Marketplace we call Nulisec. Previously, I was a project leader for building a Restaurant CMS for the Swiss market.


The thing I am the most proud of in my development career is Booksi. Its one of the most popular Property and Home rentals CMS in the world (with 5.00 rating from more than 200 customers). In my career I have also built a lot of websites, e-shops, custom projects for different companies worldwide. I also held few lectures to younger colleagues of mine at my University.

Skills I acquired over the years


I am typing this markup language and making websites out of it for more than 9 years now. I started writing HTML on Microsoft's Web Expression 3.0, which is when i fell in love with web development. Since then I write HTML and build websites.


I am proficient in CSS and other CSS preprocessors like Sass & Less. I can also say that I have eye for details and design. Lately, in my projects I use Tailwind. I know CSS Flexbox and I am currently exploring and learning CSS Grid.


At the moment my main job is writing PHP code alongside Javascript. I am writing PHP for almost 5 years now. I am confident in native PHP and a lot of its framework. Few years ago I started using Codeigniter and then I got introduced to Laravel 3 years ago. I never looked back ever since and I use Laravel every single day. I built Booksi using Laravel almost 2 years ago.


Javascript is probably the biggest name in application development right now and I simply adore it. I am proficient in Vanila Javascript, and I am confident in writing code in Vue.js for 2 years now. I am proficient in ES6 and also familiar with Node.js. I am using Javascript for more than 6 years now, and yes I also know jQuery. We all probably do.


Every modern application that is deployed on the internet has some database attached to it. I am confident in SQL and I am writing SQL queries for few years now. I started exploring SQL queries when I started learning PHP. I am eloquent in Laravel's Eloquent ORM.


Version control is really important for any development process. I am used to GIT workflow since I am using it daily personally and professionally. I usually prefer to use terminal for typing GIT commands instead of clicking buttons in my IDE.

App architecture

Structuring your application is really important. I am practicing Object Oriented Programming for more than 6 years now (I practiced OOP in C++). I am confident with MVC patterns, also currently I am studying at lot about Design Patterns and I try to practice them on a daily basis.


We all know developer's are usually afraid of design. Thats not the case with me. I fully embrace the design as one of the necessities in application development. I am trying to understand UI/UX principles and apply them to the projects I am working on. I have basic knowledge in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Bojan Angjelkoski

“A committed professional who specializes in web development and other programming techniques to develop creative and innovative web applications. Quick to assimilate new ideas and concepts and demonstrating a logical and analytical approach to solving complex problems and issues. Improving my knowledge and earning experience in team work, back and front end development, algorithms and programming in general is something I work constantly on.”

Occasionally i like to write blog posts

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Contact me for any questions or queries

Currently living in Belgrade, Serbia. Originaly from Gostivar, Macedonia.

Email me at . I usually reply almost instantly.

The page you are browing through right now https://bangjelkoski.com.