Building my portfolio website -

Why have I decided to change my old portfolio website?

The main reason i decided to change my old portfolio website is because it felt outdated. I built it 2 years ago to learn and practice my Vue.js skills. It still looks like a top notch website honestly, but currently I prefer to build simple and clean designs.

The inspiration for this website is mainly from RefactoringUI, which is (in my opinion) one of the best design-related-knowledge-base out there at the moment. I had only one goal when I started imagining how this new website will look - clean and simple.

Since I also decided that I am going to write some posts on my website, I needed some backend to connect with a database. My main web-app-building-framework currently is Laravel, so I crafted a new application using $laravel new command and started building my new portfolio website.

For the frontend i use Tailwind, which I really love because of its simplicity and how it can be integrated in your project seamlessly. It offers a way to quickly build your design to a modern and clean one that your visitors will love. I am also using Vue.js for some small frontend stuff I needed.

It took me 3 days to craft this website. It also includes some simple administration panel for me to use for writing new blog posts and other stuff as well. I am now thinking of adding some animations, but I dont think they are a necessity right now.

If you havent seen my previous website, here is how it looked like: Old version

What do you think about my new website? Shout out an email to my email for suggestions and feedback. Cheers.