Bojan Angjelkoski

Full Stack Developer BSc in Electrical Eng. & Computer Science

Some of the technologies I use! 💻

HTML5 - Typing this markup language and making web apps out of it for more than 7 years now. I started writing HTML on Microsoft's Web Expression 3.0, which is when I fell in love with web development. Trying to constantly follow semantic markup for every web app I build.

CSS3 - Working for more than 7 years on a technology will surelly give you profiency. With CSS and other CSS preprocessors like Sass/Less, utilities/frameworks like TailwindCss, Material, Bootstrap, Bulma, and using latest design practices I build UI's that are focused mainly on UX and customer satisfaction.

PHP - PHP is my day-to-day language for building web applications and API's alongside JavaScript for the past 5 years. I started building websites using native PHP, and then I found out Laravel. After being introduced to a framework like that I never looked back ever since and I use Laravel every single day. I built Booksi using Laravel and Vue.js 2 years ago.

JavaScript - JavaScript is probably the biggest name in application development right now. Proficient in vanilla JavaScript with the latest ES6+ standards, JavaScript is my preferred choice to build client-side (also server-side nowadays) applications. Vue.js is my framework of choice, and I have been using it to build and scale projects for 3 years now. While working on my side projects, I try to deepen my knowledge about Node.js and React by using them constantly and daily. And yes, I also know jQuery.

Databases - Even though JAM stack is getting a lot of traction at the moment, we all know that the biggest percentage of web applications use databases. My preferred choice is MySQL because I started exploring it and SQL queries when I started learning PHP. When I am building Node.js applications I mainly use MongoDB. If I had to pick an ORM implementation, it would be the Laravel's Eloquent ARM.

Git - Version control is really important for any development process. Git is present in my daily workflow both for personal and work-related projects. Writing git commands is my way to go, but sometimes I use SourceTree. Code Reviews, rebases, merges, pull requests are some of the stuff that I encounter daily.

Design - We all know developers are usually afraid of design. That is not the case with me. I fully embrace the design as one of the necessities in application development. Understanding UI/UX principles and apply them to the projects I work on is a challenge I fully embrace. I can say I have basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator.