Bojan Angjelkoski

Full Stack Developer BSc in Electrical Eng. & Computer Science

Let me introduce myself! 👋

A Full Stack Developer, currently living in Belgrade, Serbia but originally from a small and beautiful country named Macedonia. Even though I passed a quarter of a century (aged 25), I feel more alive and energized than ever. Devoted to my mission to inspire and motivate people to do better, I always try to be kind, humble and give back to the people around me. Having people around me that care about both my successes and failures, accomplishing the tasks that I set for myself, achieving long term goals, putting efforts into preserving our environment are some of the things that make me happy.

At the University of Belgrade, I have completed my bachelor studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer science in March 2018. At the moment, I am attending my master studies for Software Engineering at the same university. Keeping my skills sharp and up to date is my everyday goal. I usually do that by taking courses, reading books or building stuff.

As a Full Stack developer with over 6 years of diverse development experience, I build products focused on customer satisfaction. I manage all aspects of the web development cycle, from concept to requirements definition, design, development, launch, maintenance and user support. I enjoy the client-facing role and working closely with team members to produce high-quality deliverables.

Also, proud owner of Booksi - one of the most popular Property and Home rentals CMS in the world (with 5.00 rating from more than 250 customers).

Want to learn more? You can contact me and I will be delighted to reply 😄